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After spending years at L’Oreal, Paul Michaux and Arnaud Plas set out to transform the hair care market with an unprecedented level of customization, through a made-to-order model based on hundreds of personal inputs. The problem was most brands were passing off attributes like blonde, treated, and curly as custom. Prose needed a brand that could effortlessly stand apart from the category and provoke curiosity and desire for its truly personalized offering. We crafted a brand that exudes beauty, but is anchored in precision. From gorgeous photography that elevates each botanical ingredient to custom product labels that celebrate and explain the inputs for every person’s bottle down to geography and eating or exercise habits, we were able to weave an irresistible story around customized hair care.

Through its proprietary haircare technology Prose has proven that everything from what you eat to where you live impacts your hair, making it defy standard typification. To drive this home, we created a campaign that subverted people’s expectations about hair type - even casting a pair of genetically identical twins - to show that hair that looks the same can have entirely different needs.

We started three years ago with Red Antler when we did the foundation of the name, brand and experience… now we’ve done our first TV campaign together. This long relationship has helped us to continue to nurture our brand with real, long-term partners.
Arnaud Plas, Co-founder & CEO