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Working at Red Antler is about the job, but it’s really about the magic of collaborating with 120 dynamic weirdos. We get to know new Antlerlists by asking them to share about whatever they want—niche hobbies, unusual interests, passionate recommendations, life advice, you name it. Red Antler has been called many things (for instance “a straight up, boots-down, Wild West, good time”) but never boring.

Work from anywhere

Want to work abroad for a month? Go for it. Red Antler has two central locations: Brooklyn, NY, and Atlanta, GA, but our employees can work from wherever they please. We know work isn’t location, location, location. Unless you’re on a beach somewhere.

Get flexi on Fridays

At Red Antler, every Friday is flexible. Anterlists enjoy meeting-free Friday afternoons with the option of wrapping up work for the week (asynchronously, of course) or being completely offline. Sound nice? We can’t lie… it really is.

Open roles

There are no active job listings at the moment. Please email if you'd like to reach out.


Our Brooklyn office is open year-round for voluntary in-person work, meetups, and dog admiring (we love meeting each other’s furry families). Believe it or not, plenty of our staff actually choose to come in—to hang with fun people, and…free food.

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We’re working to change the industry

When we think about shaping the future, we also look inward. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are a constant work in progress and we’re committed to doing the work that needs to be done. We are focused on education, training, recruitment, and mentorship to create a more inclusive and equitable world.