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The Challenge

Alto came to Red Antler ready for a rebrand. As a pharmacy that delivers, Alto was frequently getting lumped in with its competition. Our challenge was to build an experience that reflected the depth of Alto’s mission, which goes far beyond bringing prescriptions to your door, and reaches deep into the complexities of our healthcare system. The work for Alto needed to show just how much a pharmacy is capable of, while also bringing its warmth and customer dedication to the forefront. In speaking to Alto users, we heard story after story about the moments Alto had gone above and beyond for them. We sprinkled these throughout the digital experience, created illustrations with their internal team to show a range of patient/provider interactions, and crafted a script wordmark to reference the humanity and guiding intention of a hand-written prescription.

We spent four years building a very intentional product experience, but were never able to capture it in our brand and communications. When Red Antler partnered with us, they deeply listened to us and built an identity system that brought to life the personal touch, empathy, and care that is central to Alto.

Matt Gamache-Asselin, CEO