Scientifically-proven relief for our pets’ happiest days.

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After transforming how humans access healthcare with Hims and Hers, founder Joe Spector turned his attention to pets with Dutch. We helped bring to life his vision for a digital-first veterinary practice that easily addresses everyday pet problems. Our wordmark for Dutch draws inspiration from the happy tail wags that come when our pets are living their best, healthiest lives. We shot content to capture the individuality of every pet, reinforcing the need for personalized care while showcasing the lovable personalities of our furry friends. The site experience enables easy, immediate communication with vets to access solutions and medication without leaving the house. Overall the brand world is optimistic and uplifting, promising more joy and less stress for pet parents everywhere.

Without a solution, pet parents think they’re the problem.

We tapped into the emotional truth that it pains us to see our pets in distress, and after trying every possible remedy and still feeling lost, we begin to assume their ailments are just a fact of life.

When you're launching for the first time, all you have is your brand... Red Antler helped us understand the difference between stumbling into the daunting playground of the startup world vs. showing up prepared and ready to play.
- Joe Spector, Founder, CEO

Telepathic care for tail-wagging happiness.

The Dutch brand is built on the idea of telepathic care, paying homage to the deep bonds owners have with their animals and the next-level closeness Dutch’s specialists share with their patients. Our design system balances a pet parent’s sixth sense with a specialist’s scientific credibility. Dutch is able to tell exactly what’s wrong, and know exactly what’s needed to fix it.

This is how you build a DTC brand with oomph — and it shows in the story, in the visual language, and in all the other content the brand is putting out there. Extraordinary.
- TechCrunch