The cookie taking over the world

  • Brand Strategy
  • Research
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Messaging
  • UX and Visual Design
  • Art Direction
  • Packaging Design

Levain Bakery is a New York institution, an integral part of its community, and the home to the world’s absolute best cookies. After more than 20 years, Levain’s founders, Pam and Connie, came to Red Antler with an opportunity to expand its brand — to new storefronts across the world. To bring the heart of Levain forward, we created a delightful world where everything the brand touched became a little more whimsical, a little more fun, and a whole lot sweeter. We began by bringing important details from Levain’s storied history forward - the bright blue of the door on 74th street and the charm of the Upper West Side. From there, we worked to infuse a sense of Pam and Connie’s joy-filled style into every touchpoint, balancing a quirky collage system and eclectic type style with natural textures and a warm approach to interior design.

We only make things we believe in. Everything is made with fresh ingredients that aren’t bad for you. They’re a luxury, a nice indulgence.

Andy Taylor, Levain CEO