Bringing the world back to its senses

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Melissa and Doug Bernstein, founders of the world’s #1 wooden toy company, came to Red Antler with a bold vision: change the way people de-stress. With its collection of Sensory Immersion™ stress relief tools, Lifelines teaches that the path to joy is through our senses. To succeed at launch, we not only needed the product to pop on store shelves, but also had to help people instantly understand and believe in a new wellness category. We embraced this challenge by creating real-time Sensory Immersion™ experiences at every touchpoint, from vibrant cinematic video to an immersive digital world. By creating a brand that inherently lowered consumer stress with every interaction, we prepared Lifelines for a massive, successful rollout across the nation’s top retailers.

The only thing Melissa and I enjoy more than dreaming big is bringing those big dreams to life, just as we did over the past 30 years with toys. We decided to partner with the best of the best to help us take our vision and communicate it eloquently and effectively. We’re thrilled to say our choice of Red Antler turned out to be spot on, and the successful launch of Lifelines is the first step in another big dream coming to reality.
Doug Bernstein Co-Founder, Lifelines, LLC