Skincare that reveals your truest self

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As we age, we’re forced to watch the face we know alter and change. And if we want to do something about it, our only option is to turn to procedures like injections, fillers, and peels. Founders and former beauty execs Vimla Black Gupta and Christine Song came to Red Antler with a scientific breakthrough that offered a different path. Subtopical Skincare™, as we termed it, penetrates far beneath the skin’s surface to rebuild and transform skin in a way that rivals the clinic. We developed a brand that brought together this cutting edge product innovation and the emotional desire to see and recognize yourself as you age—hence the name, Ourself. We created the Fluid Force – the undulating three dimensional ring shape– to embody the incredible technology behind the product, and the movement we value in our expressions.

Injections and fillers don’t actually make us look younger—but rather transform us into a face we don’t recognize, further separating us from who we see in the mirror. We’re really looking for skincare that makes us look and feel more like ourself.

Vimla Black Gupta, Founder