The good life is closer than you think

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For most, owning a second home feels like a far-away milestone, maybe even a fantasy. Summer makes second home ownership a real possibility with a unique gradual ownership model that feels too good to be true—but it is. We created a comprehensive brand world that embodies the liberating feeling of owning a second home, with an endless-summer energy and a laid-back ethos that inspires people to start investing in their dreams. “The good life” inspires every part of the work; from the glowy, lilting wordmark to fanciful illustrations to art direction that invites you to come in and luxuriate. Combined into a sweeping array of creative assets, the brand reminds us that Summer isn’t just a season, it’s a state of mind.

We wanted to create a digital experience that felt as easy and relaxed as summer, while still conveying crucial information about how the gradual home ownership process works. Striking the right balance of credibility and creativity was extremely important in our digital design exploration.

Thomas Nicholas, Digital Creative Director

Red Antler worked in lockstep with our team from the earliest stages through product launch. Their team was a force multiplier for our vision, bringing life and structure to our half-articulated hopes for the brand.

Woods Buckley, Summer Co-founder

Red Antler understood exactly what brand we were trying to build and what our business could become through the power of brand. They heard our concerns and ideas, and helped shape those into a brand and voice that is unique. I've been so proud and impressed to see it come to life for our customers!

Paul Kromidas, Summer Co-founder