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The footwear industry holds some of the most beloved brands in the world, but it also relies on synthetic materials that are terrible for the environment. When we met the founders, Tim and Joey, they were prototyping their first shoe with the goal of transforming the category by finding new uses for sustainable materials. Our task in launching their wool sneaker was to create a brand that could build a movement. We developed the Allbirds brand from scratch, grounding it in curiosity, and infusing that feeling into everything: an evocative name, flowing logotype, and surprising, dynamic packaging. Each interaction with the brand invites people to join the journey, and the world’s been engaged at every step.

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Red Antler is simply the best at what they do. They didn't just create a logo mark for the brand; they helped us communicate what we stand for.
Tim Brown, CEO and Co-founder, Allbirds

The original shipper

Our design for Allbirds' first generation, direct-to-consumer shipper was guided by the brand's simple and sustainable approach to design. Challenging ourselves to reduce complexity and unnecessary waste, we created a memorable unboxing experience with minimal packaging that served as both the mailer and shoebox. Our final design used 40% less materials compared to traditional shoe packaging.

Smallbirds, big world

Smallbirds was a natural extension of the Allbirds brand, but our challenge was to translate the story in a way that would resonate with kids. We reimagined the brand pillars of comfort, exploration, and sustainability with inventive characters and playful packaging design.


With the expansion into retail, we worked closely with the Allbirds team to further evolve the packaging. We saw an opportunity to innovate within the constraints posed by traditional footwear and DTC shipping. Also, knowing that Allbirds would be introducing new product types, we needed a flexible design system that could scale across a range of shoe sizes and styles—from flip-flops to high tops. Our solution was to make the shoeboxes not only a core feature of the in-store experience, but also the foundation of a multi-functional packaging system. The resulting design serves as a shoebox, shopping bag, mailer, and in-store display all in one. When stacked, the boxes create a colorful backdrop and also function as easy-to-read inventory storage that can constantly evolve as new colorways are released each season.