Beware! Alarmingly strong tights ahead

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Sheertex had one goal for their fall 2022 awareness campaign—get people talking about how their tights are “f*cking strong.” After working with Sheertex previously, we knew their tights were virtually indestructible. They effortlessly withstood attempted tears from fingernails, cacti, and Red Antler’s own fire extinguisher. So we made a campaign as alarming as Sheertex’s alarmingly strong tights. To stop viewers in their tracks, we created subversive puns comprised of provocative copy and dramatic art direction. Echoing the visual language of classic caution signage, the campaign leverages loud colors and bold symbols to warn customers about the extreme durability of Sheertex tights. The only thing these tights are snagging is people’s attention.

No tights, animals, exceptionally large cheese, olive oil, old TVs or pencils were harmed in the making of these advertisements.
Sheertex’s willingness to throw caution to the wind and embrace controversy—even ironically—reinforces the fearlessness in the brand’s DNA. We wanted to represent the toughness of the product by specifically choosing taboo headlines that most brands would never imagine using.
Jenna Navitsky, Red Antler chief creative officer