Next level gaming. Now in your pocket.

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The situation People have preconceived ideas about gaming on phones. The lack of control and inherent clumsiness has made it something serious gamers scoff at. Cue Backbone—a revolutionary device that turns your phone into a gaming powerhouse by serving as both a controller and dashboard. Coming out against some serious legacy players, Backbone needed a brand and launch video designed to make noise. The solution We created a brand that was as rallying and bold as the game-changing device itself. And to make sure people saw that Backbone can up anyone’s game anywhere, we filmed its debut video in the last place anyone would associate with gaming: a farm. With actual farmers. Complete with music video tropes and emphatic graphic overlays, we gave the gaming community something totally new and decidedly epic.

Adventure everywhere. Even on a farm.

Our launch trailer for Backbone features its full suite of capabilities and introduces the system, how it works, and how it will change gaming forever.

An unlikely setting.

When Backbone first approached us to produce a high-octane, sleek launch video in early 2020, chicken coops were the furthest thing from our minds. But as soon as shelter-in-place orders across the U.S. had settled in, we decided to go all-in on our director's quarantine location and embraced the production limitations, casting his immediate family and friends for the video shoot. All that was left to do was plan... a lot.