Designed to be deleted

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Most dating apps feel like they're for mindless swiping and meaningless matches. Hinge is different. And that’s why they enlisted Red Antler to help craft a brand and an app interface that would reflect their mission to create meaningful connections. From there, we launched a brand platform—“Designed to be Deleted”—that has led to three international, integrated campaigns. The concept was simple, yet impactful: the whole point of a dating app is to find someone who makes you want to dump your app. To bring that idea to life, we created a furry version of the app icon, “Hingie,” who promptly dies whenever a couple hits it off. Three international campaigns, an acquisition by Match group, and 27 “Hingie” deaths later, the work has had a major impact on culture—and Hinge’s business.

By Match Group following rebrand
Increase in app downloads and 18% increase in users deleting app
Revenue following campaign partnership

Our Latest Campaign: Hingie Dies for Gen Z Love

In 2022, we partnered with Hinge to bring the campaign to the next generation of daters—tailoring the magic of Hingie’s iconic deaths to Gen Z’s perspectives, desires, and language. Forgoing traditional VO, we instead enlisted top Gen Z TikTok creators to narrate the spots. By handing over the reins to creators to provide reactions and commentary to the dates on screen, we ensured that the work looked and sounded like our audience. Turn your sound up to hear narration from @samanthaandrew1, @itskeyonn, and @victor.kunda.

Hingie is cute.
The Washington Post