Behold the ripple effect

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The world of wealth management is slow, inaccessible, and confusing with big bank interests eclipsing what’s best for clients. Farther Finance co-founders Brad Genser and Taylor Matthews aim to change all that by equipping top-tier financial advisors with cutting edge technology. Farther makes growing your wealth easier and gives you what big banks can’t—honest advice, personalized wealth management strategies, and dedicated advisors unencumbered by archaic busywork. We encapsulated Farther’s fresh approach in a digital-first brand system inspired by rippling waves of wealth. To ensure that Farther stood out in the stodgy and impersonal wealth management space, we integrated textured graphics, warm human-centric art direction, and organic kaleidoscope animations. With Farther, it all adds up to a ripple effect—creating an impact that will be felt for generations to come.

As a leader in wealth management technology, Farther is constantly looking for innovative ways to advance our mission to make elite wealth building strategies more accessible. That mindset drove our decision to partner with Red Antler – a leading branding agency fiercely committed to developing breakthrough and revolutionary brands – to ensure that Farther’s style lives up to its substance through a new brand look and feel.

Farther Team

Red Antler dove into the mindsets of key players in our space to unlock a very real insight into the world of financial behavior.