Smart is the new platinum

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Certain corporate cards are an old-school status symbol (you know who we mean). But they actually incentivize wasteful spending with points. Founded by Eric Glyman and Karim Atiyeh, Ramp is a corporate card combined with financial software to help businesses work, spend, and save smarter. Our brand for Ramp creates a whole new kind of status symbol—one rooted in financial integrity and practicality. The brand has both a modern boldness and a sophisticated restraint. The dramatic sense of scale and energizing highlight color speak to exponential growth. And we were sure to create a physical card that today's visionary business leaders would be proud to throw down. With a recent valuation of $5.5 billion, Ramp is NYC's fastest growing startup.

When we started Ramp, that experience made us really think about how we could help people. We would ask our customers about points, cash back, rewards—you name it. But we found that people would normally say that they actually wanted more in their bank account. In that way, it felt that the incentives of credit card companies and people were very misaligned—that each was trying to make the other worse off. We felt like by designing a card to help people spend less, we could help customers get more of what they were looking for.

Eric Glyman, Ramp CEO

We believe that Ramp’s ability to help its customers spend 3.5% less is uniquely appealing and valuable to businesses in this macroeconomic climate...Our biggest hope is to go to work for more companies that are looking to cut costs, become efficient and do it in ways that improve the quality of the business, while preserving the ability to make investments and support people and staff.

Eric Glyman, Ramp CEO