The wackadoodle best friend who makes being weird cool.

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Furby, the otherworldly icon of the late 90s, had their eyes (and beak) set on making a comeback in 2023. Our challenge was to drive craze for the brand in a contemporary way, shifting it from a toy of yesteryear nostalgia into a modern-day obsession for kids.

We rooted our campaign on the brand platform “Free Your Inner Furb,” a concept that encouraged kids to let out their wacky weirdness—alongside their bizarre bestie, Furby, of course. To bring our Furb-verse to life, we worked with kid influencers to co-create a dance-a-riffic song and social-native music video. Launching globally, we captivated kid attention across 39 markets and multiple languages. Welcome to the latest Furb-vasion—it’s dah-noh-lah time!