Happy Wolf

Healthy snacks that kids crave

  • Brand Strategy
  • Naming
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Messaging
  • Art Direction
  • Packaging Design

Founders (and parents) Derek and Jana set out to create the first kids’ snack bar with an ingredient panel so clean, you could make it in your kitchen. Our job was to build a brand that stood out as a new standard in snacking, but was fun enough to appeal to the under eight set. 

Starting with the name, we created a brand that combines wholesomeness and trust with joyful exuberance. Our playfully illustrated wolves drive visual appeal for kids, while hinting to a wildness that’s the antithesis of processed food. We avoided generic terms like “natural” and instead anchored on “fridge-fresh,” speaking directly to the bars’ point of difference. Packaging was designed for maximum pop, drawing parents away from the shelf and into the fridge for snacks made the way they should be.