Porter Road

Meat, the way meat should be

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Messaging
  • Digital Experience
  • Engineering
  • Art Direction
  • Photography
  • Packaging Design
  • Industrial Design

Porter Road, a local Nashville butcher with the highest possible quality standards, saw an opportunity to expand its unique approach via e-commerce. We created a brand experience to demonstrate that meat is only delicious when it’s raised right. Targeting conscious consumers alongside meat fanatics, we needed to demonstrate Porter Road’s rigorous approach while also driving barbecue-worthy appetite appeal. Our visual world is inspired by the aesthetics of a local butcher shop, with a modern sensibility. The brand tells the story that quality and taste are inextricably linked, celebrating the craft and commitment of local farms and ethical butchery practices. In a category dominated by meaningless buzzwords, Porter Road stands out as the right way to enjoy mouthwatering meat.

Our approach to packaging reflects the brand’s commitment to sustainability, featuring biodegradable insulation materials that melt in the sink, or butcher paper that can be used to start a grill or fire pit.

We hold Porter Road very close to our hearts and were very protective of the process, but every step of the way, we were reassured by Red Antler’s expertise and passion…It was as if they had been involved since the very beginning.
Chris Carter, Co-founder