Illuminating luxury

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Navigating cluttered e-commerce sites to buy home goods can be soulless, encouraging us to fill our carts (and homes) with mass-produced items that feel impersonal. Enter Abask. Founder Tom Chapman set out to create a highly curated digital marketplace for the discerning customer who seeks impeccable design, story, and luxury in equal measure.  Our challenge was to create a brand world as tactile, nuanced, and storied as the home goods that Abask curates. So we tapped into an elevated, historic sensibility to   develop a rich color palette inspired by early 20th-century art, a wordmark that alludes to the weight of a pointed nib pen, and a name that evokes the warm glow of light filling a beautiful space. All came together to underscore Abask’s focus on curation and craft.

The symbol we created for Abask features radiating lines that convey illumination and the aura of beautiful, storied objects. At once evoking the sun, a curatorial gaze, and an exquisite pearl, the symbol reinforces that the most precious things lie in the eye of the beholder. We employed lines throughout the design system to chart the journey of objects and underscore Abask’s focus on lineage and connection. Embossed lines bring an elevated and tactile quality to the brand.

Abask in British English means to bask in sunlight because that is our central mission as a brand: to shine light on craftsmanship and tell a story about how things are made.

Tom Chapman