Best in Bed

Live a life well slept

Sleep affects everything we do, and great sleep depends on buying the right mattress. But shopping for a mattress can be a nightmare. We helped launch Casper, the first ecommerce brand that is transforming the way we shop for sleep with one perfect mattress, delivered straight to your door.

Night vision

In response to an industry that tends to overwhelm consumers with specs and jargon, we crafted a unique visual language to establish Casper as a brand that stands for great sleep. To capture the emotional benefits of a good night’s rest, we art directed a photo shoot with a real couple that featured the Casper mattress in its true environment.

All tucked in

From the packaging to the instruction booklets to the safety blade for opening - we designed every touchpoint to reflect Casper’s quirky and lovable personality.

“Despite their starring role in countless bedroom trysts, mattresses are not exactly sexy… until now.”

America, meet Casper

Collaborating with illustrator Tomi Um, we designed a campaign that can thrive across the entire country. Appearing on taxis, billboards, and even on TV, we created a colorful cast of characters to demonstrate that all you need is one perfect mattress.

Thinking outside the showroom

Most people believe that you need to try a mattress before buying one. But how much can you really learn from lying down for 5 minutes in a showroom? To shift behavior and make people comfortable with making a major purchase online, we built a dynamic, beautifully crafted ecommerce experience, including real Casper reviews, that makes for superior shopping from start to finish.

We positioned Casper as far more than a mattress company because in the end, Casper is about great sleep. As the first mattress brand to leverage storytelling and technology, Casper is connecting with consumers in a bold new way while the rest of the category snoozes.