Secondhand shopping you choose first

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As the largest online platform for thrifting, thredUP had a thriving business and had cemented itself as the category leader. Ahead of its planned IPO, the brand came to Red Antler with the opportunity to reframe secondhand shopping. With the goal of celebrating how sustainable shopping is also fun and fashionable, we evolved the thredUP brand to signify a satisfying and unrestrained approach to style. thredUP users can let go of clothing they no longer want while upgrading their look with unique, affordable pieces. This sense of movement and circulation is reflected throughout the system with a glowing aura added to lifestyle photography, and bright, visually diverse identity elements. Bringing a new meaning to thrifting, the evolved brand transforms secondhand from a musty compromise to a proud fashion statement.

in 2021
Increase in retail partnerships following brand relaunch
Clean out kits distributed